Barayamal National Park

Barayamal National Park was mainly established to conserve nature, however walk in visitors are welcome to explore and enjoy the area.

Barayamal (pronounced barrier-mill, an Aboriginal work for black swans) is accessed only by foot, through the Lake Inverell reserve. The park protects the rare grassy white box woodland Conservation of this area and has seen the native wildlife flourish, visitors can appreciate this on the 6km walking track through the park. The walk passes through a dry woodland of box, gum and stringybark trees and in places there are views over the Macintyre River. Take binoculars to see more birds and walkers are advised to carry suitable supplies of drinking water. You are sure to enjoy this unique walking track.

Contact Details:

Located adjacent to Lake Inverell, Lake Inverell Drive, InverellPh: (02)6728 8161