Inverell and District Bicentennial Memorial

Inverell and District Bicentennial Memorial is located in Sinclair Park. The memorial features 3 courtyards that are statements in history. Within each courtyard are carved mosaics that graphically depict the flow of life from the pre-cambrian age to the year of the Bicentennial. The subjects of the plaques are ordinary people, and how they, and their mode of life, has changed down through the ages.

This unique building is also located at Sinclair park, the Inverell and District Bicentennial Memorial exemplifies the community spirit of the individuals and organisations who freely gave their time, technical skills labour and much of the material to create a permanent memorial to the historical development of the Inverell district before 1988.

Special lighting allows the memorial to be viewed at night in spectacular fashion. It features three courtyards each relating to a different period. The first courtyard contains images from the Tertiary Period and Aboriginal Culture. The second images from 1788 – 1888 and lastly in the third courtyard containing images from 1888 – 1988 and beyond.

Contact Details:

Sinclair Park, Glen Innes Road, InverellPh: (02) 6728 8161