Kwiambal National Park

Kwiambal National Park (pronounced Kigh-am-bal) lies 25km north west of Ashford. The Macintyre River rushes through sculpted granite gorges and plunge pools at Macintyre Falls before meeting the junction of the Severn River.

The parks 3077 hectares of woodlands include rugged valleys and waterfalls, with long waterholes lined with river red gums, a perfect spot to throw in a line.

The park has a variety of different paced walking tracks varying from 600 metres through to 7km and all are sign posted and graded from easy to difficult. There are spectacular views of the Macintyre River from the two lookouts, each only a short walking distance from the picnic area, where tables and BBQs are provided. Visit the Limestone Caves that are home to rare bats and magnificent limestone formations. Please respect the bats right to remain undisturbed and keep your voice to a whisper and shine lights away from the bats when exploring the caves.

Contact Details:

Wallangra Road, InverellPh: (02) 6736 4298