"Place of Waterholes"

Gilgai is a small village located just 10km south of Inverell on the Thunderbolts Way. This locality provides rural style living with all the modern conveniences.

With a population of around 289, Gilgai is known as the “Place of Waterholes” and is a traditional Aboriginal name given by the Kamilaroi people meaning “Small Waterhole”.

It’s the kind of place were you can see excited children playing near the public school and enjoy the sound of tennis rackets returning a serve at the local tennis courts. The village is surrounded by bushland and you can regularly see the local wildlife.

For the traveller the Gilgai General Store offers all the necessary travelling conveniences including takeaway meals, fuel and supplies. With country hospitality at it’s best, the store is open 7 days a week.

New England Woodturning & Sculptures is a woodworkers paradise. Located on Ponds Road the workshop is a hive of activity with woodworking demonstrations for visitors to enjoy. Ensure you explore the Yangoora Gallery of handcrafted timber giftware, woodturning supplies, didgeridoos and oddgeridoos. The sculpture garden is an absolute must see.

Inverell Airport is located on the outskirts of Gilgai and is available for scenic joy flights across the region.

Inverell Paintball was started in 2015 by Noel & Pat Kenny. Having played Paintball for the first time with his youngest son Ryan he found it a lot of fun and thought the Inverell area could benefit from having something new to do. He was right. And since 2015 his little hobby has seen a lot of people pass through it’s wooden doors.

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