Staggy Creek Fossicking Area

The districts rich volcanic soils can offer other gems and minerals. One such gem, is the amazing Diamond found near Copeton Dam, the Staggy Creek Fossicking Area provides a site where you can look for the Diamonds together with Black Tourmaline and Quartz. This is a rough dry area 28km from Inverell, you can take your water or dry sieve.

Copeton Dam Road (24km from the turn off Copeton Dam from Inverell)

(02) 6728 8161

Sapphire Fossicking Area

Free designated sapphire fossicking site open to the public. Dont be afraid to get dirty, dress appropriately, take a hat and sunscreen and be prepared for a little work.

Pindaroi Lane, Bukkulla (43km north of Inverell)

(02) 6728 8161

Nullamanna Fossicking Area

Free designated sapphire fossicking site open to the public. The alluvial sapphires are the easiest to find and its best to start in and around a creek bed.

Frazers Creek (Nullamanna is 20km north of Inverell)

(02) 6728 8161

Try your luck at fossicking on Frazers Creek or with the sapphire wash provided together with equipment and guidance. Bush camping is also available onsite. Bus tours and larger groups can be catered for. Fees apply.

2479 Kings Plains Road, Inverell

9:00am - 4:00pm Saturdays & Sundays weather permitting.

0439 478 150 or (02) 6722 4154